The Monumental Andes

Roseanne Chambers

Ten Steps for Recording Pictographs and Petroglyphs

Lawrence L Loendorf
Nancy Medaris Stone

The Pottery Hill Site

Helen Fairman Wells
Evelyn Seelinger

The Great Basin Seafloor

Frank DeCourten

Thunder Go North

Melissa Darby

Dutton’s Dirty Diggers

Catherine S Fowler

Hunters of the Mid-Holocene Forest

James C. Chatters
Jason B. Cooper
Philippe D. LeTourneau

Winds from the North

Scott G. Ortman

Retracing Inca Steps

Dean E. Arnold

The Archaic Southwest

Bradley J. Vierra

Sudden Shelter

Jesse D Jennings

Cowboy Cave

Jesse D Jennings

Upper Grijalva River Basin Survey

Michael Blake
Thomas A. Lee
Mary E. Pye
John Clark

Chiapa de Corzo, Mound 17

Thomas A. Lee
John Clark

The Archaeological Salvage of Mound 15, Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico

Darlene Glauner
Suzanne Herman
John Clark

Chiapa de Corzo Mound 32

Eduardo Martinez Espinosa
Garth W. Lowe

Cultural Resource Management in the Great Basin 1986–2016

Alice M. Baldrica
Patricia A. DeBunch
Don D Fowler

Islands On The Plains

Marcel Kornfeld
Alan J. Osborn

Izapa Group B

John E. Clark
Garth W. Lowe
Rosemary Lieske
Ayaz Moreno

The Prehistory of Morro Bay

Terry L. Jones
Deborah A. Jones
William R. Hildebrandt
Kacey Hadick
Patricia Mikkelsen

North America’s Galapagos

Corinne Heyning Laverty

The Crimson Cowboys

Jerry D. Spangler
James M Aton

Excavations at La Libertad

Donald E. Miller

Ceramic Sequence of the Upper Grijalva Region, Chiapas, Mexico

Douglas Donne Bryant
John Clark
David Cheetham

Zooarchaeology and Conservation Biology

Richard Lee Lyman
Kenneth P Cannon

The Strong Case Approach in Behavioral Archaeology

Michael Brian Schiffer
Charles Riggs
J. Jefferson Reid

Purple Hummingbird

Claude N. Warren
Joan S. Schneider

Talking Stone

Paul Goldsmith

To the Corner of the Province

Deni J. Seymour
Oscar S Rodriguez

The Paleoarchaic Occupation of the Old River Bed Delta

David B. Madsen
Dave N. Schmitt
David Page

Explorations in Behavioral Archaeology

William H. Walker
James M. Skibo

Last Chance Byway

Jerry D. Spangler
Donna Kemp Spangler

Tracing the Relational

Meghan E. Buchanan
B. Jacob Skousen

Engineering Mountain Landscapes

Laura L. Scheiber
María N. Zedeño

The Archaeology and Rock Art of Swordfish Cave

Clayton G. Lebow
Douglas R. Harro
Rebecca L. McKim

Zooarchaeology and Field Ecology

Jack M Broughton
Shawn D. Miller


Leslie B. Davis
John W. Fisher

Ephemeral Bounty

Curtis Martin

Tracks in Deep Time

Jerald D. Harris
Andrew R. C. Milner

California’s Channel Islands

Christopher S. Jazwa
Jennifer E. Perry

Archaeology in the Great Basin and Southwest

Nancy J. Parezo
Joel C Janetski

An Archaeological Legacy, OP No. 18

Joel C Janetski
Glenna Nielsen
Deanne G. Matheny

Supplying Custer

Gerald R. Clark

Field Seasons

Anna Marie Prentiss

Chaco Handbook

R. Gwinn Vivian
Bruce Hilpert

OP#17 Excavations at Aspen Shelter

Joel C Janetski
James D. Wilde
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Anasazi along the Vermilion Cliffs

Deborah C. Harris
Jaime L. Davis
Paul Stavast

Ground Stone Analysis

Jenny L Adams

Studying Technological Change

Michael Brian Schiffer

Steinaker Gap OP #2

Richard K Talbot
Lane D Richens

Entering America

David B. Madsen

Paleoindian or Paleoarchaic?

Kelly E Graf
Dave N. Schmitt

Splendid Heritage

John Warnock
Marva Warnock
Clinton Nagy

Traces of Fremont

Steven R Simms

The Casas Grandes World

Curtis Schaafsma

It’s About Time

Stephen E Nash

The Archaeology of Meaningful Places

Brenda J Bowser
Maria Nieves Zedeño

Shifting Sands OP #13

Richard K Talbot
Lane D Richens

Man Corn

Christy G Turner

A Canyon through Time

Jon M Erlandson
Torben C Rick
Rene L Vellanoweth

Ancient Human Migrations

Peter Peregrine

Evolutionary Ecology and Archaeology

Jack M Broughton
Michael D Cannon

Mountain Spirit

Lawrence L Loendorf
Nancy Medaris Stone

Fremont Farming and Mobility OP #10

Richard K Talbot
Lane D Richens

Living with Pottery

John W Arthur

Archaeology as a Process

Michael J O'Brien
R. Lee Lyman
Michael Brian Schiffer

Behavioral Archaeology

Michael Brian Schiffer

Material Meanings

Elizabeth Chilton

Glen Canyon

Jesse D Jennings

Pottery and People

James Skibo
Gary Feinman

Surviving Adversity – AP 120

Kathryn Kamp
John C. Whittaker

Navajo Places

Laurance D. Linford

Ancient Visions

Julie Francis
Lawrence L Loendorf

Prehistoric California

Leonard Mark Raab

Kachina and the Cross

Carroll L Riley

Lithic Debitage

William Andrefsky

Style, Function, Transmission

Michael J O'Brien
R Lee Lyman

Reassessing the Aztatlán World

Michael D. Mathiowetz
John M. D. Pohl

Mogollon Communal Spaces and Places in the Greater American Southwest

Robert J. Stokes
Katherine A. Dungan
Jakob W. Sedig

The Old Vero Site (8IR009)

James M. Adovasio
C. Andrew Hemmings
F. J. Vento

New Deal Archaeology in the West

Kelly J. Pool
Mark L. Howe

Current Perspectives on Stemmed and Fluted Technologies in the American Far West

Katelyn N McDonough
Richard L Rosencrance
Jordan E Pratt

The Geoarchaeology of a Terraced Landscape

Aleksander Borejsza
Isabel Rodríguez López
Charles D Frederick
Michael E Smith

Household Economy at Wall Ridge

Stephen C Lensink
Joseph A. Tiffany
Shirley J. Schermer

With Grit and Determination

Suzanne Eskenazi
Nicole M. Herzog

Color in the Ancestral Pueblo Southwest

Marit K. Munson
Kelley Hays-Gilpin


Vance T. Holliday
Eileen Johnson
Ruthann Knudson

Not so Far from Paquimé

Jane Holden Kelley
David A. Phillips

People and Culture in Ice Age Americas

Rafael Suarez
Ciprian F. Ardelean

Foragers on America’s Western Edge

Terry L. Jones
Brian F. Codding

Integrative Approaches in Ceramic Petrography

Mary Ownby
Isabelle Druc
Maria Masucci

Fierce and Indomitable

Deni J. Seymour

The Last House at Bridge River

Anna Marie Prentiss

A Fateful Day in 1698

Deni J. Seymour

Life and Politics at the Royal Court of Aguateca

Takeshi Inomata
Daniela Triadan

Rancher Archaeologist

George Frison

Religion on the Rocks

Aaron M. Wright

Works in Stone

Michael J. Shott

Paleoindian Lifeways of the Cody Complex

Edward J. Knell
Mark P. Muñiz

Least Cost Analysis of Social Landscapes

Devin A. White
Sarah L Surface-Evans

Burned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca

Takeshi Inomata
Daniela Triadan

Island of Fogs

Matthew R Des Lauriers

Plains Village Archaeology

Stanley A Ahler
Marvin Kay

Time in Archaeology

Simon Holdaway
LuAnn Wandsnider

Hell Gap

Mary Lou Larson
Marcel Kornfeld
George Frison

The Northern World, AD 900-1400

Herbert Maschner
Owen Mason
Robert McGhee

Disaster Archaeology

Richard A Gould

Aggregate Analysis in Chipped Stone

Christopher T Hall
Mary Lou Larson

Cladistics and Archaeology

Michael J O'Brien