Middle and Late Preclassic Izapa

Ceramic Complexes and History - Excavaciones Tempranas en Izapa - Minor Excavations in Lower Izapa, Number 73, 74, 75

By Lynneth S. Lowe, Mary E. Pye

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9781949847291 (paperback)

Three distinct papers bound together cover Izapa excavations and material analysis. In Paper 73 the Middle to Late Preclassic ceramic groups are described for the Escalón, Frontera, and Guillén phases, with a final chapter summarizing the early history at the site. Paper 74 presents early excavation work of the first and second seasons at Groups A and B by Carlos Navarrete. Minor excavations published in Paper 75 include the area between the central Preclassic zone and the Classic period Group F to the north, as well as Group G, with its many stone monuments. John Clark contributes a review of this evidence and how it informs the understanding of Preclassic Izapa.

Published by New World Archaeological Foundation.