Evolutionary Ecology and Archaeology

Applications to Problems in Human Evolution and Prehistory

Edited by
Jack M Broughton
Michael D Cannon

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9780874809350 (paperback)

The field of evolutionary ecology, which applies Darwinian natural selection theory to the study of adaptive design in behavior, morphology, and life history, has produced substantial advances in understanding human evolution and prehistory. Editors Jack Broughton and Michael Cannon have compiled archaeological and paleoanthro- pological studies that provide a foundation for sustained development of the study of the human past.
Each of the twenty-four contributions represents a key benchmark in the field. Chapters are grouped by substantive topic and/or time period. Each of the following sections includes an introduction by the editors:
• Early Hominid Evolution and Behavior
• Pleistocene Foragers and Colonists
• Post-Glacial Adaptations
• Food Production Strategies
• Cooperation and Competition in Complex Societies
This volume’s broad range of research will foster sustained development of evolutionary ecology, and like Darwin’s work nearly 150 years ago will open wide fields of understanding of human prehistory.