Book Series

The University of Utah Press publishes several series in partnership with scholars or organizations in various disciplines. To submit your manuscript to a series, visit the individual series page to contact the series editor. Visit the Information for Authors page for general information about the Press and specific manuscript preparation guidelines.

Inclusive Anthropologies

Series editor(s): Pei-Lin Yu, Nicole Herzog

This series is intended to serve as a platform to present and celebrate knowledge in anthropology from a mosaic of voices. Projects in archaeology, ethnology, ethnobiology, biological anthropology, and paleoecology as they pertain to the human experience are especially welcome. We seek voices that provide for broader insight in our anthropological understanding of communities and societies both past and present. We are specifically interested in manuscripts that are written by and/or focus on histories that have, in the past, not been centered in anthropological research. Topics might include, but are not limited to, Indigenous communities and experiences, ethnic communities and experiences, women and children, the LGBTQI+ communities, and captive and migrant groups. Geographic coverage is focused on the Americas, with all time periods for investigation welcome.

National Park Readers

Series editor: David Stanley

The National Park Readers series combines some of the most important and thought-provoking artistic, historical, literary, and scientific works ever published about the people and places that make up America’s most iconic national parks. To date, volumes devoted to Capitol Reef National Park, Glacier National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park, are informed by a diverse selection of viewpoints and voices into easy to read and carefully edited readers that bring to life each park’s remarkable history.

The Juanita Brooks Series in Mormon History and Culture

Series editor: Amanda Hendrix-Komoto

This new series, named for pioneering Mormon historian Juanita Brooks, welcomes exciting new academic monographs and contributed volumes of previously unpublished essays that break new ground in the study and understanding of Mormon history and culture. Books that explore understudied or controversial aspects of Mormonism are considered essential to the intellectual mission of the series, as are works that put Mormon history and culture in conversation with contemporary scholarly trends in transnational studies, Native American and Indigenous studies, the study of the American West, women’s history, and regional histories. Always open and inclusive, the series accepts proposals from both established and emerging scholars and writers while striving to publish rigorous scholarship accessible to an informed general audience.

The Wallace Stegner Series in Environmental Studies

Series editor: Robin Kundis Craig

This new series welcomes academic monographs and collections of original essays enlivened by new and daring approaches to environmental studies. Books from the humanities and hard sciences that advance interdisciplinary methods in environmental studies, as well those that explore the American West and new directions in critical topics such as Anthropocene studies, climate change, environmental geography, oceanography, water law, and urban ecology, are essential to the series. Named for the American writer and educator Wallace Stegner, a notable public advocate for an inclusive environmentalism, this series strives to publish work accessible to an informed general audience and specialists alike. The series welcomes submissions from established and emerging scholars and writers from around the world, and authors from underrepresented communities are especially encouraged to submit.

University of Utah Anthropological Papers

Series editor(s): Brain F. Codding, and Lisbeth A. Louderback

Begun by the late Jesse Jennings, and continued by James O'Connell and Duncan Metcalfe, the University of Utah Anthropological Papers are a comprehensive series of over one hundred archaeological and ethnographic monographs. They highlight significant sites and topics in the American West and are informed by a strong theoretical component.

Utah Series on Great Salt Lake and the Great Basin

Series editor: Jeff Nichols

This new series publishes outstanding scholarship committed to better understanding Great Salt Lake and the Great Basin from artistic, cultural, historical, natural, and scientific perspectives. The series will bring together studies of the lake and its surrounding geographies from different disciplinary lenses, genres, and personal points of view. Together, the volumes in this series reveal the depths and contours of the lake in all their multifaceted dimensions, the natural and human processes at work on the lake, and the urgent need to raise public consciousness to ensure Great Salt Lake’s enduring and iconic presence on the landscape.