Burned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca

Excavations and Ceramics

Edited by
Takeshi Inomata
Daniela Triadan

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9781607810018 (hardback)

The settlement of Aguateca, Guatemala, rapidly abandoned at the end of the Classic period (ca. AD 810), provides archaeological insight into the political, social, and economic lifestyle of Maya elite.  Located at the southern end of the Petexabatun region, Aguateca is unique amoung Classic Maya sites, primarily as a result of its Pompeii-like level of preservation.

Accompanied by clear and impressive illustrations, Burned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca provides a summary of the meticulously documented excavations.  While most ceramic reports in the Maya area focus on descriptions of types or classes of ceramics, the work of Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan details the unique attributes and contexts of each vessel, leading to further understanding of life and social relations among the Maya

Burned Palaces and Elite Residences of Aguateca advances Maya archaeology by documenting the function of multiroomed masonry buildings and providing vivid models of daily life of the Classic Maya elite.  This volume, one of a three-volume series, is the definitive report on Aguateca.