Ground Stone Analysis

A Technological Approach

Jenny L Adams

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Subjects: Archaeology

9781607812739 (paperback)
9781607812746 (ebook)

Second Edition

Archaeologists define stone artifacts that are altered by or used to alter other items through abrasion, pecking, or polishing as “ground stone.” This includes mortars and pestles, abraders, polishers stones, and hammerstones, and artifacts shaped by abrasion or pecking, such as axes, pipes, figurines, ornaments, and architectural pieces.

The first edition of Ground Stone Analysis sparked interest around the world. In the decade following its publication, there have been many advances in scientific technology and developments in ethnographic and experimental research. The second edition incorporates these advances, including examples of international research that have utilized a technological approach to ground stone analysis. This study presents a flexible yet structured method for analyzing and classifying stone artifacts. These techniques record important attributes based on design, manufacturing, and use and are applicable to any collection in the world.

The methods presented guide quantitative and qualitative assessments of artifacts and assemblages. Recording forms and instructions for completing them will be available on the University of Utah Press’s open access portal at Ground Stone Analysis is an important, useful reference for any archaeological field worker or student who encounters ground stone artifacts and is interested in learning more about the people who used them.

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