Nature and Environment

Framing the Problem

Kevin D. Perry

The Arches Reader

Jeffrey D. Nichols

Against All Odds

Robert V. Percival

Sushi in Cortez

David Taylor
Steve Wolverton

The Utah Prairie Dog

Theodore G. Manno

Dave Rust

Frederick H Swanson

Wild Forest Home

Betsy L. Howell

A Watershed Moment

Robert Frodeman
Evelyn Brister
Luther Propst

Re-envisioning the Anthropocene Ocean

Robin Kundis Craig
Jeffrey Mathes McCarthy

Nevada Mountains

David Alan Charlet

Bears Ears

Andrew Gulliford

The Grand Teton Reader

Robert W. Righter

Wonders of Sand and Stone

Frederick H Swanson

The Capitol Reef Reader

Stephen Trimble

The Salt Lake Papers

Edward Lueders

The Earth Will Appear as the Garden of Eden

Jedediah S. Rogers
Matthew C. Godfrey

Reimagining a Place for the Wild

Leslie Miller
Louise Excell
Christopher Smart

Fire Otherwise

Cynthia T Fowler
James R Welch


Kristen Rogers-Iversen

The Spiral Jetty Encyclo

Hikmet Sidney Loe

We Aspired

Pete Sinclair

Hope, Heart, and the Humanities

Jean Cheney
L. Jackson Newell

Saving Wyoming’s Hoback

Florence R. Shepard
Susan L. Marsh

Engineering Mountain Landscapes

Laura L. Scheiber
María N. Zedeño

Zooarchaeology and Field Ecology

Jack M Broughton
Shawn D. Miller

Where Roads Will Never Reach

Frederick H Swanson

Ice, Fire, and Nutcrackers

George Constantz

Desert Water

Hal Crimmel

A Zion Canyon Reader

Nathan N. Waite
Reid L Neilson

Deadly Landscapes

Glen E. Rice
Steven Leblanc

Seven Summers

Julia Corbett

Primate People

Lisa Kemmerer

Roads in the Wilderness

Jedediah S. Rogers

The Shrinking Jungle

Kevin T. Jones

The Way Home

James McVey

The Lady In The Ore Bucket

Charles L Keller


Florence Caplow
Susan A Cohen

Home Waters

George B Handley

John Wesley Powell

James M Aton

The Great Salt Lake

Dale L. Morgan

Nuclear Waste Stalemate

Robert Vandenbosch
Susanne E Vandenbosch

El Lobo

Tom Lynch

The Hayduke Trail

Joe Mitchell
Mike Coronella

Writing Natural History

Edward Lueders

A Green River Reader

Alan Blackstock

Pilgrims To The Wild

John P O'Grady

Canyonlands Country

Donald L. Baars

Camping Out In The Yellowstone

William W. Slaughter

Gila Monster

David E. Brown
Neil B Carmony

Mountaineering Essays

John Muir
Richard Fleck

Singing Stone

Thomas L Fleischner

Borderland Jaguars

David E. Brown


Scott Bryson

The Broken Land

Frank DeCourten

What’s Nature Worth

Terre Satterfield
Scott Slovic

Imagining the Atacama Desert

Richard Francaviglia

The Northern World, AD 900-1400

Herbert Maschner
Owen Mason
Robert McGhee

Clarence Edward Dutton

Wallace Stegner