Models For The Millennium

By Charlotte Beck

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9780874805932 (hardback)
9780585175270 (ebook)

Models for the Millennium presents an overview of the development and current practice of anthropology in the Great Basin. This volume includes such topics as historical issues; models for past and present anthropological and archaeological phenomena and cooperation among anthropologists, Native Americans, and government agencies.

The volume includes four sections: "Historical Development"' describes the development of ethnology, archaeology, and paleoecology in the Great Basin. "Current Issues" covers topics in general theory, paleoecology, ethnography and linguistics, prehistory, and cultural resource management. "Models of Explanation" examines various approaches to modeling aspects of the archaeological, paleoecological, and ethnographic record in such areas as subsistence, mobility, iconography, and gender. Finally, "Models of Cooperation" discusses how anthropologists, Native Americans, and various agencies come to terms with such issues as burial and sacred sites, range blight, and the destruction of the archaeological record.