Mormon Studies

The Bible and the Latter-day Saint Tradition

Cory Crawford, Eric A. Eliason, Taylor G Petrey

Fact, Fiction, and Polygamy

Kenneth L. Alford, William P. MacKinnon

Open Canon

Christine Elyse Blythe, Christopher James Blythe, Jay Burton

Producing Ancient Scripture

Brian M. Hauglid, Mark Ashurst-McGee, Michael Hubbard MacKay

I Spoke to You with Silence

Jenn Lee Smith, Kerry Spencer Pray

The Earth Will Appear as the Garden of Eden

Jedediah S. Rogers, Matthew C. Godfrey

Decolonizing Mormonism

Gina Colvin, Joanna Brooks

Women and Mormonism

Kate Holbrook, Matthew Bowman

Latter-day Lore

Eric A. Eliason, Tom Mould

Salt Desert Trails

Charles Kelly

Among The Mormons

A Russell Mortensen, William Mulder