Western History

Red Rock and Rawhide

Jerry D. Spangler
Mark E. DeGiovanni Miller

A Watershed Moment

Robert Frodeman
Evelyn Brister
Luther Propst

Dale L. Morgan

Richard L Saunders

The Great Basin Seafloor

Frank DeCourten

Thunder Go North

Melissa Darby

Western Journeys

Teow Lim Goh

Slavery in Zion

Amy Tanner Thiriot

Across the West and Toward the North

Shannon Egan
Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad

Sally in Three Worlds

Virginia Kerns

Dutton’s Dirty Diggers

Catherine S Fowler

Troubadour on the Road to Gold

LeRoy Johnson
Jean Johnson

The Grand Teton Reader

Robert W. Righter

The Last Canyon Voyage

Charles Eggert

John Hance

Shane Murphy

Wonders of Sand and Stone

Frederick H Swanson

Alone on the Colorado

Harold H. Leich

Across the Continent

Daniel Davis

In a Rugged Land

James Swensen

The Disappearances

Scott Thybony

Bridging the Distance

David B. Danbom

Lost in the Yellowstone

Truman Everts
Lee H Whittlesey

A Kennecott Story

Charles Caldwell Hawley

Immigrants in the Far West

Jessie L. Embry
Brian Q. Cannon

Supplying Custer

Gerald R. Clark

Nine Mile Canyon

Jerry D. Spangler

Men at Work

Matthew Basso

Glory Hunter

Brigham Madsen

We Refused to Die

Gene S Jacobsen
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The Fourth West

Charles Wilkinson

Opening Zion

John Clark
Melissa Clark

The Exploration of the Colorado River in 1869 and 1871-1872

William Culp Darrah
Ralph V Chamberlin
Charles Kelly

Touching The Past – Popular Series 5

Glenna Nielsen-Grimm
Paul Stavast

Invisible Citizens

Catherine M Cameron

Wasatch Eleveners

Randy Winters

A Green River Reader

Alan Blackstock

Mary Austin’s Southwest

Chelsea Blackbird
Barney Nelson

Folding Paper Cranes

Leonard Bird

Utah’S Black Hawk War

John Alton Peterson

Into The Wilderness Dream

Donald A Barclay
Peter Wild
James H. Maguire

Road On Which We Came

Steven J. Crum

Rendezvous Reader

James H. Maguire
Peter Wild
Donald A Barclay

The Colonel and The Pacifist

Klancy Clark De Nevers

Carbon County, USA

Christian Wright

Frontier Religion

Konden Smith Hansen

Cass Hite

James Knipmeyer

Gasa Gasa Girl Goes to Camp

Lily Yuriko Nakai Havey

If I Get Out Alive

Gary Topping

A History of Utah International

Sterling D Sessions
Gene A Sessions