University of Utah Anthropological Papers

Editors: Brain F. Codding, and Lisbeth A. Louderback

Begun by the late Jesse Jennings, and continued by James O'Connell and Duncan Metcalfe, the University of Utah Anthropological Papers are a comprehensive series of over one hundred archaeological and ethnographic monographs. They highlight significant sites and topics in the American West and are informed by a strong theoretical component.

The Paleoarchaic Occupation of the Old River Bed Delta

David B. Madsen
Dave N. Schmitt
David Page

Hunters of the Mid-Holocene Forest

James C. Chatters
Jason B. Cooper
Philippe D. LeTourneau

Cowboy Cave

Jesse D Jennings

Sudden Shelter

Jesse D Jennings

The Prehistory of Morro Bay

Terry L. Jones
Deborah A. Jones
William R. Hildebrandt
Kacey Hadick
Patricia Mikkelsen

Cultural Resource Management in the Great Basin 1986–2016

Alice M. Baldrica
Patricia A. DeBunch
Don D Fowler

The Archaeology and Rock Art of Swordfish Cave

Clayton G. Lebow
Douglas R. Harro
Rebecca L. McKim

The Prehistory of Gold Butte

Kelly R McGuire
William R. Hildebrandt
Amy Gilreath
Jerome King
John Berg

Camels Back Cave

Dave N. Schmitt
David B. Madsen