Frost’s Books

My first date with my now husband was at Feldman’s Deli on the corner of 2700 South and 2000 East (best Reuben in Salt Lake City). I was trying to make a good impression but I practically squealed when I saw there was a bookstore kitty-corner. We had to go.

A vertical outdoor sign under a clear blue sky. The top of the sign features the logo and name ‘Frost Books’ in large red letters, with a graphic of an open book and a snowglobe above the text. Below are listed products and services offered: ‘Books · Stationery · Calendars · Candy.’ Further down, the sign promotes ‘Virginia Tanner’s Dance Life & Legacy Roots & Wings THE PERFECT GIFT!’ in black lettering on a white background.
Sign for Frost’s Books located at 1980 E 2700 S in Salt Lake City

There lies Frost Books. And so, my husband got to know the real me quickly. Give me that bookstore scent. Give me rows of book covers. Give me the checkout chocolates and the 50% off calendars. Frost’s has them!

A display of various travel books arranged in a blue rack. The books feature colorful covers with images of landscapes, landmarks, and outdoor activities. Titles visible include ‘Hiking the Wasatch,’ ‘Bicycling Salt Lake City,’ and others related to Utah’s natural and cultural attractions. The background shows a blurred view of additional bookshelves filled with books."

You’ll find the very knowledgeable owner, Rich Frost, sitting behind the desk. Want the latest Gerald and Piggie book? How about that David O. McKay biography? Rich will help you. He can find whatever book you’re after. While this bookstore has been in the current location for about twenty-two years, his grandparents ran it at a different location before that. Bookstores are in his blood.

Interior of a bookstore with multiple bookshelves filled with books. In the foreground, there is a display rack with various books facing forward, showcasing their covers for easy viewing. The covers feature colorful illustrations and titles in diverse fonts, including children’s books and a Guinness World Records book. The store appears well-lit and organized, inviting readers to browse through the collection.

When I visited the store this last weekend, I needed a gift for my kid (a Junie B. Jones book and a sketchbook with color pencils), a gift for my neighbor (Roots and Wings, of course!), and a gift for my kid’s friend (a sticker puzzle book). I was able to find all of that quite quickly. You see, Frost’s Books isn’t just a bookstore. It’s a neighborhood station.

Outdoor book sale with multiple metal racks filled with books. The books are organized in various stacks and appear to be discounted, as indicated by the signs showing ‘50% off’ and ‘10%+’ on top of some piles. The setting is a sunny day with clear skies, and there’s a building in the background across the street.

Get your child a snow cone and play a game of Cornhole. Mosey on over and check out what Frost’s has out front while waiting for your Reuben and buy a University of Utah Press book.

An image of a small, independent bookstore with a sign reading ‘Frost’s Books’ above the entrance. In front of the store, there is a parking lot with two parked cars, one white and one silver. To the right of the image is a small red booth with windows and a door, resembling a ticket or information kiosk. The sky is clear and blue, indicating good weather. Trees are visible in the background, suggesting a suburban setting.

Need a suggestion? Just ask me.

A cluttered desk with several books, the most prominent being a book titled ‘Roots and Wings’. The cover features an illustration of a person dancing. Behind this book, there are other partially visible books with titles like 'There are Moms Way Worse Than You' suggesting a collection of various reading materials.

Hannah New is the marketing manager for the University of Utah Press.

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  • Laurie J. Bryant
    Posted at 08:48h, 26 June Reply

    Why have I never been to Frost’s? OK, I’m hooked now.

    • Hannah
      Posted at 11:47h, 26 June Reply

      Go! You’d love it!

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