Book cover with a close up photo of a Prairie Dog standing upright in a grassy background

The Utah Prairie Dog

Life among the Red Rocks

Theodore G. Manno

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9781607813668 (paperback)
9781607813675 (ebook)

A prairie dog town is a busy place. As author and field researcher Theodore Manno explains prairie dogs exhibit mischief, romantic trysts, antipredator behavior, fighting, kissing, and infanticide that can all be witnessed over the course of a few months. In this definitive book on Utah prairie dogs, he vividly recounts the daily ups and downs of prairie dog life as well as his own trials and triumphs while observing these rare rodents in Bryce Canyon National Park. As part of John Hoogland’s long-term study, Manno and other members of the “Dog Squad” recorded the behavior of the “town” residents from the vantage point of a nine-foot-tall tower. Over time, the researchers came to know the personalities, family relationships, and social structure of the town’s inhabitants. Demonstrating an unbridled passion for research, Manno communicates the satisfaction, excitement, and sadness that comes with watching marked individuals over time. His extensively researched narrative, accompanied by more than 150 photos by wildlife photographer Elaine Miller Bond, provides a full overview of what is currently known about Utah prairie dogs, a species that is threatened with extinction.