Rights and Permissions

Media Information

The University of Utah Press provides complimentary copies of titles as available to bona fide members of the media for review. Generally, only books published during the past year are available; however, some exceptions can be made. Many of our authors are available for interviews or book signings. To request a review copy or to receive information about an author event, please contact Hannah New by phone at 801-585-9786, or e-mail at hannah.new@utah.edu.

Permissions Information

If you wish to reprint material from books published by The University of Utah Press, please submit a request as detailed below. Note that many illustrations published in U of U Press books are not copyrighted by the Press and we cannot provide permission. You must obtain such permission directly from the original source, which is indicated in the credit line of the illustration.

Scanning copyrighted material on e-reserves and on course websites, such as those hosted by Blackboard or Web CT, or those offered by faculty, requires permission of the copyright-holder.

For permission to use portions of a U of U Press book for course packets or E-reserves, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center .

If the Copyright Clearance Center cannot grant permission, then email your request, including the following information (contact information below):

  • Author/Editor
  • Book title
  • Chapter title, if applicable
  • Publication year
  • Requested pages (page range)
  • Number of copies requested
  • Requesting professor
  • Academic institution
  • Course information

For permission to reprint material from works published by The University of Utah Press in your published work, please submit request with the following via email (contact information below).

Information about U of U Press publication:

  • Author/editor
  • Title of book
  • Page numbers and specific material requested
  • Figure number and its page number, if applicable

Information about your project:

  • Publisher
  • Title
  • Author/editor
  • Formats (paperback, electronic, etc.)
  • Distribution territory (U.S. only, world, etc.)
  • Print run
  • Publication date
  • Price

Your requests should be addressed to:

Steve Mecham
email: Steve.Mecham@utah.edu


For information about subsidiary rights or foreign-language rights, please contact:

Steve Mecham
email: Steve.Mecham@utah.edu

Unauthorized use of U of U Press books is an infringement of copyright. For more information on copyright, please see Copyright Clearance Center for valuable information on copyright law, infringement, and using electronic reserves.

Examination Copies

An examination copy of paperback editions is available to those considering it for course adoption. Please make requests on department letterhead, indicating academic rank, department, course name, expected enrollment, and the semester or term the course will be offered. Submit requests, accompanied by payment of $10.00 per title to cover handling costs to:

The University of Utah Press
Chicago Distribution Center
11030 S. Langley Ave.
Chicago, IL 60628

Ebook examination copies can be requested for little to no cost. Email hannah.new@utah.edu with questions. Hardcover editions may be requested by submitting a similar request along with payment in the amount of 40% off the retail price. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.