What are ebooks?

Several of the University of Utah Press's titles have been converted into ebooks, available to download as protected Adobe Digital Editions PDF files. Adobe Digital Editions is a free application for reading and organizing ebooks, and is available for both Mac and PC as well as several mobile devices. Books can be read both online and offline, providing a convenient vehicle for both scholarly and recreational reading.

The University of Utah Press also offers ebooks through Amazon (for Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (for Nook). We are in the process of adding more ebook vendors to our list.


What are the advantages of ebooks?

Instant. Downloading ebooks from the U of U Press or other ebook vendors is fast and easy. You'll be reading your book within seconds and won't have to wait (or pay) for shipping.

Searchable. All of our ebooks are 100% searchable, making research quick and easy. Bookmarks can also be added to make navigation around a book easy.

Portability. U of U Press ebooks can be read on multiple computers or devices, meaning you can take your library with you wherever you go.