Sustainable Capitalism

Essential Work for the Anthropocene

Edited by
Inara Scott

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Subjects: Sustainability

9781647691745 (hardback)
9781647691752 (paperback)
9781647691769 (ebook)

Capitalism has been linked to climate change, racism and slavery, wealth inequality, and the decline of democracy. At the same time, capitalism may have been instrumental in lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, facilitating vast technological innovations, and improving standards of living across the globe. As climate change accelerates and the world is threatened with existential crises, we must ask: Is capitalism incompatible with sustainability? While this question is as complex and urgent as it is resistant to simple answers, the contributors to this volume make the case that a more sustainable capitalism is within our reach.

Sustainable Capitalism takes on the challenge of sustainability from a uniquely interdisciplinary and diverse perspective, offering both theory and tools for action. Topics range from an analysis of the foundations and definition of capitalism to the specific regulatory mechanisms that may be necessary to rein in its current, unsustainable trajectory. Readers will find nuanced and important analyses of options and potential outcomes that are not available in any other work. This book is essential reading for anyone concerned about the path we are on and how we might improve the lives of people around the globe.